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Lac aux Sources was created in 1967 by my grandfather Boris (Bob) Saharov and my father Alexander Saharov.

My grandfather came from Kiev, Ukraine. He fought against the Communists during the Russian Civil War and had to leave with 250,000 more “White Russians” in 1918. He moved to Yugoslavia where he became the fourth generation of Engineers in the Saharov family.

My father was born in 1932, in Yugoslavia. The Saharov family felt comfortable where they were but everything changed after the Communists took power in Yugoslavia following the Second World War.

My grandfather was uncomfortable under communist rule. He decided that he wanted to give his son a better life. Their application for immigration was accepted by the Canadian government. After several years he received permission to leave Yugoslavia. Luckily, he decided to leave on Tuesday instead of Wednesday as planned. The state police came to arrest him on Wednesday.

They immigrated to Canada in 1952 and my grandfather found work in his profession in Sorel. The Saharov family came to Rawdon in 1954 to find a summer home.

My grandfather, Boris Saharov or Bob, bought a piece of land near Lac Pontbriand in Rawdon. One day he stopped to use the telephone at a beautiful old farmhouse in a quiet valley on St-Alphonse, just outside the village of Rawdon. He found out that the farmhouse as well as 300 acres were for sale. Together with my father and a partner he decided to buy the property.

My grand-father was able to pursue his engineering career in Montreal with CD Howe. He had the good fortune to meet a geologist, Mr. McPherson, who suggested that he build a 60-meter-wide dam that created the Great Lake Aux Sources in 1967. In 1971 a second dam created the Petit Lac aux Sources With an area of 8 acres.

Professor Ladislav Goncharow, my father’s partner and best friend (who is also my godfather), came up with the name Lac aux Sources. My father and my grandfather thought to name it Russian Lake, as he was known to the locals who knew the project. Because of the Cold War, they agreed it would be a better idea to go with Lac aux Sources. My God father got the idea of the name Lac aux Sources since the lake is fed by several natural springs that feeds the lake.

After his retirement, my grandfather and grandmother lived in Rawdon every summer. They were active parishioners of the Russian Church (of the Blessed Virgin of Kazan), located on Sunshine Street in Rawdon. In 1972 the Church caught fire. In 1974 the community rebuilt the Church under the plans of the architect Georges Glinin. My grandfather was the engineer who prepared the plans for the municipality of Rawdon. http://fr.stnicholasmontreal.com/rawdon.html

My grandfather died in peace in 1984, he is buried with my grandmother in the Russian cemetery in Rawdon. I think he is very happy with his decision to immigrate to Quebec. http://ici.radio-canada.ca/emissions/c_est_pas_trop_tot/2013-2014/chronique.asp?idChronique=327808

My father became the fifth generation of engineers in the Saharov family after graduating from McGill University in 1959. He worked 25 years for the engineering firm Hatch Associates in Montreal. He was also very proud to have served 20 years on the board of directors of Collège Charlemagne in Pierrefonds. He was responsible for overseeing construction projects. Here is an excerpt that I found on the page of the college:

After his retirement, my father tried to develop the project in 1992-4. He built the base of the path of 745 meters in our first phase. Due to the recession and the passing away of Stanislav Goncharow he decided to stop the project.

I did not continue the family tradition by becoming the 6th generation of engineers. In 1992, I graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Commerce. In 1993, I went to study at the University of Moscow. The country was transforming itself from a communist economy to a capitalist economy.

I found a job with the International Finance Corporation, the private arm of the World Bank that helped Russia organize the mass privatization of state-owned companies. In 1996, I started working on the stock exchange for Olma, one of the first brokerage companies in Russia, which recently celebrated its 25th year anniversary. Olma needed someone to talk to international investors who were investing in recently privatized Russian companies.

In 2005, I moved to Montreal to and opened Olma Investments Canada. At that time, the Russian market had great run that were reflected in my financial statements. I used the profits to invest in Aménagement Lac aux Sources.

I initially got involved in the project in November 2007 when I attended my first municipal council meeting in Rawdon. With my father and I, we were able to rebuild the two culverts at the entrance of the development, re-establish the phase 1 road and develop the plans for our phase 2 and the reconstruction of the two dams. By working with my father I learned what I needed to know to continue the project.

My father died in 2012, he is buried in the Russian cemetery of Rawdon. He was glad to know that the project could remain in the family. I was nervous about continuing the project without him, but we had been working with some very capable engineers. I would like to thank Engineer Miroslav Chum who prepared the plans and supervised the restoration of the two dams. I would also like to thank Benjamin Rouette and Mario Fillion of Beaudoin Hurens for the road plans and culverts.

In 2012 and 2014, the damns were modified to meet the safety standards required by the Québec Damn Security Department of the Ministry of the Environment. The two damns are now parks, with beaches and docks that can be used by residents of Domaine Lac aux Sources.

In January 2016, we signed an agreement with the municipality for Phase 1, The market the first 10 lots in the development. The agreement for the 24 lots in phase 2 will be signed this winter, the base of the phase 2 road has just been built.

The first house was completed in June 2016, and two other houses were built in the winter of 2016/17.
Finally, I would like to mention that this project would never have been possible without the support of my mother Irene Saharov Born Dynnick), gave all along. As a CEGEP professor and interpreter, her contributions to the family budget enabled my father to move the project forward.

She also decided to send and pay for my brother Andy and I to a private French-language school, Charlemagne College. She recognized the importance of learning French to live in Quebec. She also taught me how to speak Russian.

12 August 2017,

Robert (Bob) Saharov
Aménagement Lac aux Sources Inc.
Since 1971



Domaine Lac aux Sources Residents have access to several acres of parks, a beach, nature parks, hiking and biking trails.

Residents have access to several sports facilities, including; volleyball, docks for boats, canoes, kayak and wind surfing. During the winter, we maintain a hockey rink and skating paths on the big lake.

Fishing enthusiasts are able to keep themselves busy ! The two lakes are regularly stocked with trout, although we will have to share with some of the other residents like the falcons, hawks and otters. 😉


The LANAUDIÈRE region has numerous interesting destinations for the whole family, several of which are located a few minutes away from Domaine Lac aux Sources.



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